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Key - Positive CR = ⊕
Neutral CR = ∞
Negative CR = ⊗
1-3 = You are pleasant to speak with. 4-6 = You are her friend. 7-9 = She may consider seeking you out. 10 = She will allow you to ride on her back MAYBE.

Though she doesn't know it, he's actually an artificial intelligence. He is her polar opposite as well, being a a creation of science and logic as where she is a creation of magic and balance. Not to say he doesn't have his offensive points - namely by calling her an illogical beast.
Notes: { Did not learn his name / Did not meet in person / He Knows her secret. }
Affection Level: ∞
A young boy she's talked to both on the NV and in person. The first time was over the NV when he questioned her about the butterflies songs, and then he encountered her when she was observing the goings on of a party in the distance a few weeks before Halloween. He had a youthful innocence no often found in boys his age. Original Mun left SP
Notes: { Did not learn Billy's name / Met in person (Unicorn) / Does not know her secret }
Affection Level: ⊕
Impression: He's an Angel, which she is fully aware of. He also knows her name, and her secret. They have also spoken in person. She is fond of speaking with him, as it turns out, if only because he doesn't understand humans any more than she does. Original Mun left SP
Notes: { Did not learn Castiel's name, just refers to him as "Angel" / Has shown herself in person / He knows her secret }
Affection Level: ⊕⊕
He confuses her, and intrigues her at the same time. His questions about the nature of unicorns are utterly baffling, and while she doesn't tell him everything, she has no problem with telling him the basics, or dispelling myths that were just plain silly.
Note: { Did not learn Shiroe's name / Has not shown herself in person / Knows her secret }
Affection Level: ∞
Impression: He's a wolf, though others see him as human or - in some cases - a dog. She doesn't understand why he would willingly choose to live among humans vs his own kind, she finds him kind. She enjoys talking with him as well, and watches out for him where she can.
Note: { Knows him as Toboe / Has shown herself in person / He knows her secret }
Affection Level: ⊕⊕
Impression: Original Mun left SP
Notes: She knows Unicorn's name as "Unicorn", has never met her in person or seen her human form. She does not know Amalthea's secret. Unicorn knows her name as Poison Ivy.
Affection Level: ⊕
Notes: { He's the Jesus allegory lion! he has only seen her as Unicorn but probably knows about her secret. / She takes to walking with him at night, on occasion. / She knows him by name. }
Affection Level: ⊕⊕
Impression: One of the first humans she's befriended in this place. He helped her a great deal with acquiring clothing and explaining money.
She thinks he's a snake that was turned human by magic or science.
Notes: He has seen only her human form. / They have spoken in person, but as a human. She's given him the name Lord Jormungandr for her assumption he is actually a snake. / He does not know her secret.
Affection Level: ⊕⊕
Notes: He has seen both of her forms, but they have never spoken in person, and he does not know her secret. She does not know his name - I don't believe he knows hers either.
Affection Level: ∞


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