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Player Information

Name: Mai
AIM SN: BlueAquaPride

Character Information

Canon Source: The Last Unicorn
Canon Format: Animation
Character's Name: Unicorn/The Lady Amalthea
Character's Age: Unknown, but probably in her hundreds? Maybe? Young for Immortals.

What form will your character's NV take? A Mirror

Character's Canon Abilities: Magic! (Some demonstrated abilities include the ability to understand/speak with forest animals, holy power such as healing, protection like a barrier, creating an illusion to hide herself or the forest animals to thwart hunters, the ability to see through illusions and dispelling magic to name a few...)
also Question: Would it be all right to add switching between human and unicorn forms as well, to broaden RP potentials? Explained asside effect of the pull + remnant of the magic that Schmendrick cast on her - like human by day, unicorn by night until or if she learns to control it? (I also assume her ability to bring people back to life is void here? Or limited to healing fatal wounds?)

Mod Response: Your suggested addition to her abilities has been approved - she will be able to switch from unicorn to human at will. Additionally, we would like to ask that her ability to raise the dead be sealed, though she will still be able to heal serious and near-mortal wounds as you requested. If you'd like, she will also be able to heal mortal wounds so long as the victim hasn't died yet.

Weapons: Her horn and hooves, dude. Not a whole heckuva lot as a human (if that's permitted)

Character History: Here~
Point in Canon: End of movie, on the way home.

Character Personality:
The unicorn and her human persona, Amalthea, are both kind souls, yet aloof, being immortal. (Well, mortal as a human anyway). As Unicorn, she has a wisdom beyond her years - her true age is never specifically said, but given the form her body takes as a human, one can assume she is fairly young. In her early twenties by human standards, and despite the events that took place during her journey to free the unicorns, she has not lost her innocence.

Whereas most unicorns do not know human emotions such as love and regret, Unicorn/Amalthea now does. It does not trouble her overly much, beyond the fact that is has changed her, and has left her with a fear of returning home, knowing that she knew of such emotions whereas her brethren did not. Despite that, her newfound understanding of regret and love do nothing to change personality - it merely gives her a bittersweet memory to remember, and one day even that memory may fade. But being immortal, her memory is very long. As the magician once said, 'She will remember long after humans are myths and rabbits write books'.

Being able to regret and love is admittedly considered a disservice when no other unicorn can do so, but Unicorn is quite forgiving when she knows that the attempt was made in her best interest- in this case, she'd been turned human to save her life. A proper good samaritan, she cannot bear to see other legendary beasts harmed, even those who represent the darker side of magic. She is not so much of a pacifist as to not fight when in danger however, and she has a sharp horn and powerful hooves to back up her need to defend herself.

She is compassionate, though admittedly the lions share of her compassion goes to maidens and children as per legend. She suffers no tolerance of those who would harm the forest and its creatures, though only threat to her own self or her home would be bring her to think of fighting. She is a peaceful creature and prefers to keep her distance - despite the loneliness she harbors in her heart. She is cautious of humans, and really who wouldn't be when her kind is hunted, and tends to hide in the forests whenever they draw near. Those who know of her, however, she is willing to speak to them and will not flee - will even travel with them or vice versa, allow them to travel with her if they wish.

Furthermore, she has a noble bearing, and an almost unconsciously haughty way of speaking, shown more as a unicorn than as a human. Little will insult her, but the greatest insult one can throw her way is to compare her to a mere horse - from her reaction, it is like comparing a queen to a beggar, one supposes. Perhaps even less than that. As a human, her personality is still somewhat haughty, but her confusion in being human lends the illusion of moe-ness to her features. As both human and unicorn she must insist on a certain decorum - disrespect will bring her haughty manner about, and she doesn't approve of being touched without her consent in either form. She dislikes being human, as quoted "I can feel this human body dying all around me". It's an unsettling sensation to feel mortal when before you were immortal. Thanks to the support of Molly and Schmendrick, she was able to adapt to her new body, but she is still lost on a great many things.

Character Plans: I'd love for Unicorn to learn what it's like to be a human to some extent - with more emphasis on her life as a unicorn naturally. And to also perhaps befriend the strange creatures known as humans as well. Also hilariously avoid being confused for a mare - oh my that would annoy her greatly.


Writing Samples
First Person Sample
[ The NV picks up a distraught woman's voice. ]
How can this be? How can I be in this dreadful mortal body once again? What wizard has cast this spell upon me, to spirit me away from my home, away from my kin? I demand that you return me to my home at once, so that I may reunite with my family. Return me to my true self!

[ A pause. ] Wizard! You are there, are you not? Speak to me, I will not be ignored. Your minions of the dark... I have seen them. What manner of beasts are they? Will you not tell me? These are not harpies nor manticores.. why, I have seen no manner of creatures such as these before! ... I implore you, speak to me, Wizard!

Third Person Sample
She had still quite a ways to go to reach home, when her delicate hooves would touch familiar soil and she would meet with her brethren again, after so long. Yet when she lay down beneath a tree to sleep that night, she awoke to find herself in unfamiliar surroundings. Unfamiliar sky, unfamiliar soil - evenn a foreign, foreboding moon.

Alarmed, she swiftly rose and cast about for some reason she was in such a place. A wizard's involvement? She took in the air and snorted in disgust, stamping a hoof nervously. There was something foul in the air, and ... she could hear the sound of creatures; creatures she'd never heard before.

"What is this place...?"

Unicorn took a few tentative steps forward, her coat shining silver in the light, only to stop short when a creature far more hideous than she could ever imagine burst out of the cover of darkness. It took one look at the defenseless seeming unicorn, and roared. Unicorn stepped back, rearing once and planting her feet. She had faced down the Red Bull and won - what was one more beast? "Hold creature! Return to the darkness whence you came!"

The creature was significantly unimpressed. Even the shining light from her horn did little to dissuade him. While it did stun the creature, forcing him back a step or two, out of the corner of her eye, Unicorn saw more starting to creep out of the darkness, lured by the prospect of a meal. She would never be able to hold that many back.

She reared again, wheeling on her hind hooves and sped away into the night, cantering away from the creatures chasing after her. They would not catch her. She was too nimble, too quick - and too defiant. Nevertheless, it seemed to her she could feel its hot breath on her hooves, the heavy thundering steps of the beast as it swiped at her, missing her flank by a hair. It made her harken back to the day the Red Bull chased her not once, but twice - and renewed fear spurred her further, taking her well out of the beast's grasp and sight, the silver unicorn vanishing into the night.

The beast would have to find different prey to hunt.